J&T EARTHMOVING MAINTENANCE (PTY) LTD, rates are competitive, we work on a mobile service basis and do not have the overheads associated with large companies with workshops but our hourly rate may increase to overtime rates as stated by the labour law.

J&T EARTHMOVING MAINTENANCE (PTY) LTD, has experience in packaging of containers.

When packing the containers, we drain all oil from components, Add coolant to machines being shipped to “very cold climates”, Carry out repairs so machines can be shipped as “RO-RO”, Disassemble components to change dimensions of machine to reduce shipping costs, and carry at any request of our customers.

We take photos of all the containers before and after packed, for the customer records, and all container have a packing list with the components and the weights and any other spec required by the customer, will be placed in the container and one e-mailed, photos of the seal number are take and emailed to customer, photo of sealed container to verify that container was seal before departing from site.

J&T EARTHMOVING MAINTENANCE (PTY) LTD, charge to travel the distances required by our clients.